Here are a few questions that we get all the time when we are out on the town dancing!!!

What is Country Swing Dancing?
Country Swing dancing is a modern style of country western dancing with dips, lifts, and high flying aerials.  It is a mixture of the country two-step and east coast swing with a various moves from West-coast Swing, Salsa, and other ballroom styles.

Where can I learn Country Dancing?
Country dancing can be learned through our Country Swing Dancing instructors or around town at your local country bars.  We specialize in providing a variety of Country dancing styles.  We will teach you all the styles of Country Western Dancing including two-step, triple-step, one-step, cha-cha, and country swing with incorporating high flying aerials.

Do you offer private Country Swing Dance lessons??
Absolutely, we give private lessons throughout the week. Sessions are 1 hour long and are conducted at a local country bar.  During the private lessons we will teach you the various styles of your choice.  Private lessons are excellent for couples or individual looking to learn or improve their country dancing skills.  Private lessons are also great for couples getting married.  Every women on their wedding day wants to look their best especially on the dance floor.  With a few private lessons couples can impress their family and friends at their wedding.   To learn more visit:

Where do people country dance in Colorado?
Here is a list of the best country bars in and around Denver, CO. Each bar has there best nights to go, typically the best nights at each bar is on ladies night, where girls pay no cover and drink for free.  Here is a list of Country Bars in Denver with descriptions of each location.
1.  Cowboy Lounge
2. Toby Keith’s I Love this Bar
3.  Grizzly Rose
4.  Electric Cowboy
5.  Sundance
6.  Stampede
7.  Cactus Canyon